Maintenance Override

Maintenance Override

GW14 Series

It maybe necessary to allow a responsible person to switch ON a machine with a guard open, for setting-up and maintenance. Unimax strongly recommends the installation of a special high security keyswitch such as the seven-tumbler GW14 series.

The GW Series can be fitted with the same switching options as the standard GW and SAF ranges.

GW14 Switches must be sited so that the key shank projecting from the lock prevents the closing of the guard, as a reminder to remove the key after use.

Maintence keys are available for all 3 types of locks see below for override key for each system.

Maintenance Keys

GW14 Key

For use with 7 tumbler lock high security maintenance system detailed on this page. This is the only maintenance key Unimax recommend

SAF1 Key


For use with the SAF stainless steel lock sytems



GW Key


For use with GW 6 tumbler lock system