Flex Rocker

Flex Rocker

For more than 25 years, In2tec has been designing moulded elastomeric keymats as the actuator layer for many different types of circuits. Often this technology is expected to mimic the characteristics of electromechanical switches. This can be very challenging since most electromechanical switches are assembled from separate parts like springs, bushings and actuators. Rocker switches have often been the most difficult type of switch to design into a rubber keymat without giving up the familiar rocker feel of a electromechanical switch. Now In2tec's broad experience and innovative flair have produced a rocker switch with geometry that can easily be designed into most rubber keymats, providing a rocker feel better than other rubber switches.


In2tec's Flex-Rocker is a low profile momentary action low current rocker switch design. The market demand for a simple low cost rocker switch with optional back-lighting is met with a design which can be installed simply and allows for the design flexibility to be easily customized to suit the application.


Based on the simplicity of the design, the reduced parts count and the variety of simple mounting options, the Flex-Rocker can represent a significant cost reduction when compared to typical mechanical rocker switches.


The benefits of both silicone rubber and other thermo plastic elastomers allow this product to be sealed very effectively to the panel on which it is mounted. Hard coated options are available where abrasion may be concern.


The adhesive technologies used provide a lead free product and a range of interconnection options.


This design can be customised and incorporated into a front panel solution. Alternatively it may be mounted as a stand alone single unit. It can easily be designed as an additional element in an In2tec rubber keymat or front panel assembly.


With their low profile and space requirements emc shielding can be incorporated on the switch assembly, providing lower manufacturing costs for total front panel assembly.


Several switching configurations including SPST, SPDT, DPDT.
Illumination options include LED, fiberoptic or EL backlighting.
Material colors, opacity and screened color options are almost limitless.
Legends can be laser-etched (for backlighting) or screened in a variety of colors and graphics for non-backlit applications.
Switch status indicator LEDs can be designed into the circuit for use with the Flex-Rocker.
Used in applications where:
Panel sealing is important;
Design of an integrated panel requires replacement of a mechanical rocker switch;

Typical Specifications

Electrical Power Resistance

Silver printed track per track Max 0.5 Watts .2 Ohm/cm Typical non arcing
Resistance per joint .3 Ohm/cm Typical
Circuit Voltage 100 Volts Dependent on design
Typical rating per switch 1 to 10mA
Standard Maximum 100mA
Switch Capacitance 10pF Typical

Dielectric Volume

Material Strength Resistivity
Polyester 125kV/mm 10 GOhm.cm
Polycarbonate 67kV/mm 100 MOhm.cm
IP rating 54 to 67 Dependent on design


Operating temperature -30 to 120°C Subject to design
Illumination Methods
LED Indicator or full back-light
Mechanical Typically .3 to .5mm + component height
Stroke Typically 0.5 -1mm

Note: The above data is approximate and for information only